Dubrovnik Marina - Thursday 21 June 2018

After the traumas of yesterday a peaceful day of relaxation and domestic chores was what was needed and what we got.

In the morning we found the laundry and put in a load of sheets and tee shirts which should keep us going until we get to Corfu.  We also found the supermarket and topped up our stores which should keep us for a few days.

We were going to wash the boat, but the marina says they charge for water for boat washing and we were hot and tired, so we didn’t bother.  Richard put the boat back together again last night and this morning, so we are sort of respectable.

It turned out to be a very hot and sticky day with clouds and sunshine.  We sat on the boat most of the time with a couple of trips to the pool and one trip to collect the washing.

The idea was to go into old Dubrovnik in the evening and see what it is like at night.  So at about 5pm we dressed and took the bus into the old town.  Of course it was still daylight when we got there.  We walked around a bit and made our way to the old harbour.  We were looking for a suitable restaurant for our last meal in Croatia.  We thought we found a nice looking place on the harbour, but they would not take a booking for a little later, just suggesting we try again when we wanted to eat.  So we looked around and saw a nice looking terrace on the other side.  When we walked up to it we discovered that we had found the Michelin rosette restaurant in town!  They could take us for dinner but only then, which was about 7pm.  Well we couldn’t refuse that so we went in.  We had a superb dinner which made up for a lot of the mediocre food we have been eating out.  It was expensive, but not that much more than some of the other places we have been to.  Even the wine was good!  It was on a lovely terrace overlooking the harbour and we had a harbourside table.  It couldn’t have been better.

After eating we thought we would walk around the town and see it by night.  There was only one problem.  Croatia were playing their second match in the World Cup against Argentina.  Due to this every café, restaurant, bar etc had a big screen going and there were hundreds of people on each street and square watching the match.  We could hardly walk through the town. The excitement was high and as we walked past Croatia scored their first goal to thunderous cheering and shouting. So it seemed not the evening to see Dubrovnik calm at night.  We made our way to the bus stop and within 5 minutes a bus arrived.  As we got into the marina we saw the security guards watching the end of the footie.  Croatia won 3-nil!

The weather forecast for the next couple of days is a bit dodgy.  We hope our forecast which says it will only be moderate winds from behind during the day with cloud is correct.  We are going to try to make it to Porto Montenegro tomorrow and hope to get well tucked up there before the strong winds set in.  We could do with a bit of good luck.


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