Kotor – Saturday 23 June 2018

As we were about to fall asleep last night there was a lot of thunder and then we saw lightening.  But having noticed that I just fell asleep. I would have slept through the lot if I hadn’t turned over in the night and noticed that Richard wasn’t in the bed.  I guessed he was in the heads, but a look there showed he wasn’t.  I then thought he might have gone over to the marina toilet block, but his shoes were still on the boat so that wasn’t likely.  The wind was blowing strong and I began to really worry until he came into the salon and said he had been sorting the dinghy and ropes out in the light of the storm we were experiencing!

When we got up it was still blowing 15 or 16 knots gusting 20.  We were safe and comfortable enough but we couldn’t decide what to do about leaving today.  So we had a walk through the marina.  I found a whole foods shop where I was able to buy some bread and muesli. By the time we got back to the boat the wind had abated somewhat and the sun was shining.  So we decided to leave and got away at about 11am.

The trip to Kotor was about 8 miles and took 2 hours as expected.  There was a bit of wind, but in the narrow channels and the like we didn’t bother to put any sails up.  I was very nervous about finding a berth here.   There is limited berthing for private yachts and we had no way of contacting the port to see if anything was available.  We were also a bit taken aback to see one very large and one medium sized cruise liners when we came in.  But for a change luck was with us and there was plenty of room on the little pontoon right near the main gate to the town and there was a man to take our lines etc.  So we were happily and nicely moored up in just about the perfect spot.

We went right away to the market because it being Saturday we guess it would close soon and not re-open until Monday.  We seem to have been right but got there in time and bought some nice cheese, crude ham, and dried porcini mushrooms.  They even had fresh porcini and chanterelles, but we will eat out tonight and I don’t think the wild mushrooms will last until tomorrow night when I will cook our steaks.

Lunch on the boat.  There are a couple of English boats here, which is nice as there is someone to speak to.  We lazed about in the heat and then took a walk into town just to remind ourselves about it.  It is really a super place and I am so pleased we made it here.  The only slight worry is that more high winds are predicted for tonight and we are told that the boats move around a lot in such conditions.  We shall see.

We had dinner in town in a restaurant we went to last year.  It was a bit disappointing, but maybe we just chose the wrong things on the menu.  There were a lot of feral cats about and I fell for one kitten which was all white with a black eye patch and black tail. Had I been in the UK I might have been tempted to take it home with me.  And I am not really a cat person at all!

We have paid for 2 nights here. At 37.50 Euro a night with water and electricity it is positively cheap compared with Croatia!


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