Skradin – Friday 8 June 2018

As planned we woke up early and just had coffee on board.  We then went to the bakery and bought pastries to eat as we waited to catch the 9am boat to the National Park.

The boat ride there was very pleasant.  Private boats are not allowed to enter the park, so this was the only way to get there by water. It was a trip up the river between cliffs part of the way and reeds on other parts.  It took about 25 minutes to get to the park landing stage.

When we got there it was a short walk to the first set of falls.  They are very good.  These are not just one large fall over a cliff.  They are like a stairway of falls going all the way down a valley. So there are dozens of individual falls with a lot of water coming down them.  

We were told that the thing to do is to take the path that goes along the waterfalls which is about 2k. The path turned out to be easy to follow and very well presented being mainly a wood plank trail after the initial climb to the top.  The path was also lovely and shaded so despite the fact that the weather is warm and sunny it was a comfortable walk.  When we got back to the beginning we had an ice cream while waiting for the return boat.

We got back to the village at about noon and found the butcher shop open so I was able to reprovision a bit. The idea is to anchor tomorrow so we needed food on board.  We bought more savory pastries for lunch (not a healthy eating day).  

By the time we got back to the boat it was overcast and very close and sticky.  We just spent the afternoon on the boat trying to keep cool.  That was easy in the late afternoon when I went for a shower and found that there still was little or no hot water!

Dinner out again.  I will be cooking for the next couple of days. As I sit here there is lightning and thunder all around us.  The forecast is for rain over night and tomorrow.  We had planned to go to an anchorage tomorrow.  We shall see what the weather does.


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