Skradin – Thursday 7 June 2018

We were up fairly early and therefore left our berth a bit earlier than planned.  Again the weather is sunny with some cloud and no wind. So we didn’t pretend to sail. Another motor job.

We are headed to a port that we would never have chosen on our own, but we were particularly recommended it by the couple we met in Venice who berthed here for a time.  The town is inland up a river from Sibenik.  It is also on the fringes of a National Park which is supposed to contain excellent waterfalls (though we don’t expect them to be a patch on Niagara, where we were only a few weeks ago). The journey at sea was past dozens of islands.  When we got to the mainland and went into Sibenik port I assumed we were nearly there, but in fact we were nearly 2 hours away.  That is how far up the river this town is.  

The scenery on the way was very good with cliffs and vegetation abounding.  We finally got a halfway decent following wind and we could have tried to sail, but we didn’t bother.  A lot of the way was filled with fish farms.  Later we saw signs that in fact these were oyster and mussel farms.  A lot of them were selling their wares from small landing stages, but we didn’t stop.

When we got to Skradin we were charmed.  It is very lovely in a corner of the park.  The marina is comfortable and we have been given a berth on a pontoon very close to the showers and toilets and the bar!

After eating up the last of my luncheon food on board and having a bit of a relax in the heat of the afternoon we ventured into the town.  We found a restaurant which has been recommended and the shops.  The supermarket is a small affair with only some of the things I need and no fresh meat.  However I did find a butcher’s shop which was closed by the time we got there but I have high hopes for tomorrow.  I also found a shop where I bought a very overpriced bottle of decent champagne for Richard’s birthday.  That will go with the foie gras I brought with us to make some sort of a celebration.

We also sussed out the way to get to the waterfalls.  There is a boat that goes there on the hour from just the other side of the port.  We have to buy tickets to the park first.  We will try to do that early tomorrow morning before it gets too hot!


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