Uvula Luka, Korcula – Saturday 15 June 2018 and Sunday 16 June 2018

We set out fairly early on Saturday 9am to get the 20 odd miles to Korcula to meet the Luries.  They do not like to go to marinas so the plan was to meet in a bay around the corner from the town where we can anchor. The pilot book says that it is ½ a mile away from the town so easy to walk to.  It really is important to get to the town because it is a little gem with walls and beautiful old buildings.

We managed to sail for the first three hours, but it was a very lumpy sea and I didn’t feel very well.  I even had to take a pill.  By about midday the wind had dropped and the sea flattened out so it was more comfortable, but we had to have the engine on.  Oh well at least that means we will have hot water when we get to the anchorage.

Because I didn’t feel well on the way we didn’t have lunch and just ate a few ginger biscuits (very good for sea sickness).  We got to the anchorage just after 3pm and found the Luries in their nice big boat right away. We were able to anchor near them. It now had got quite hot (having been cold enough for me to wear a fleece for most of the journey). So the advantage of an anchorage is that you can have a swim and we did that in lovely water almost 25C.

When the heat of the afternoon started to abate a bit we all got dressed to go in to town.  Jonny’s tender is bigger than ours and because it is carried on davits he can keep his outboard on it all the time.  So he collected us and took us to the other end of the bay to walk to town.  Well, it is certainly a lot further into town than half a mile.  In fact it is nearer 1 ½ miles and took over half an hour to walk to just the outskirts of the town.  But we made it and had a lovely walk around. The Luries really enjoyed the town as we hoped they would.  It was certainly one of our favourite places we visited last year.

We were looking for a restaurant we wanted to go to last year but couldn’t get in.  We couldn’t find it.  Finally while walking around the walls on the sea side we decided to stop at a little place that had an empty table (not many of them about) for a drink.  When we looked at the menu we were quite taken with it and in the end stayed for dinner.  It was one of the better meals we have had recently, so that was very good.

By now it was quite late and we tried to take a water taxi back to the bay, but it seemed to have stopped running, so another long walk to the dinghy and then back to the boat.  The town was buzzing because Croatia were playing their first game of the World cup and everyone was glued to giant TV screens.  By the way Croatia beat Nigeria 2 nil.

So back on the boat safely. Of course here in the middle of the bay we have no internet so we can’t post the blog and therefore I didn’t bother to write it then.

We flaked out early on Saturday after a long day and therefore woke up fairly early.  We had breakfast and then a swim.  We all decided to go in to town to do some shopping.  We were going to take the water taxi, but Jonnie decided the weather was calm enough to take the dinghy in and we did that.  It all went well until we got to town and realized that Jonny had forgotten to bring his shoes! So Marion and I left the boys at a café near the dinghy while we went shopping for some food.  I also found a pair of swimming shoes for Jonnie so we could walk around the town some more.  

After Jonnie got into his new shoes we went back to walk around the sea wall of the town.  At first we thought we would just stop for a drink, but wound up having a light lunch.  After that back to the boat for a quiet afternoon of snoozing, reading and swimming.  We then had a lovely dinner on the Luries boat. 

We paid nothing for our stay on Saturday night and thought we had finally found a free anchorage. But today a man came around and charged us about £20 for the night.  I guess we just missed him yesterday! 


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