Zut Marina – Monday 5 June 2018

There really isn’t much to say. We just stayed put.  It rained over night, but the weather during the day wasn’t nearly as bad as feared.  In the morning it was bright and sunny.  We went for a walk around the bay and then came back hot and had a swim.  This afternoon it did cloud over and we could hear thunder in the distance. We did have about half an hour of rain after lunch, but then it improved a bit.

So we just took it easy. After all we have weeks to go and are in no rush.  We had dinner at the marina restaurant which was nearly empty unlike last night and despite there being at least 17 boats on the pier.

I would just comment on one thing. Language.  There is very little English here.  Most things are translated into German and Italian, both countries being well represented among the tourists. But there is not always English translations especially with menus.  It is just as well that I can sort of manage a menu in Italian! We manage.


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