Gouvia – Friday 6 July 2018

We woke up fairly late, but it made no difference.  The electricians didn’t ring early.  So we made it to the port police before the queues developed and after a delay to get Immigration clearance by email we were checked in and extended our Depka for another year.

By the time we did that it was time for an iced coffee and internet, so we went to one of the cafes.  At about midday the electricians rang and said they were on the way.  The news was not good.  They changed the fuse, but they say the pump is so strong it can get fused at any time, but even worse it is nearly burnt out already and could pack up altogether any time.  They recommend we put in a new one, but with the weekend coming they can’t get one before Monday.  The upshot is that the tap in the galley sort of works, but the heads don’t work.  So we have decided that this is the end of sailing for this part of the trip.  We are renting a car later today and will explore the island by land.  We could go out, but I really can’t bear the thought of no running water and no proper showers especially as the heat has got really bad.

So we took the laundry in, had some lunch on board and went to the pool for the afternoon.  That was comfortable.  Then back to get our car and collect the laundry.  We have the car for the whole week until we leave and we will leave it at the airport.  As we had a car we decided to go out of the marina and have some dinner.  

Richard identified a fish restaurant that is supposed to be only a 10 min drive from the marina.  Well we had terrible trouble finding it, not helped by going in entirely the wrong direction when turning out of the marina. When we finally did find the road (the next turning on the left after the marina) we found ourselves in a water side restaurant with a great view of THE MARINA! Anyway we had a pleasant meal and are now plotting what to do for the rest of the week.  

As we aren’t sailing, unless something really interesting happens or until I have an update on the water pump, I shan’t post any further.  


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