Agios Eufimia – Thursday 13 September 2018

We awoke in the hope that the engineer would arrive.  I began to lose heart at about 9:10 and went to the local restaurant to use their toilet (they have been very nice about it).  Much to my surprise on my return the workman was here and had nearly finished the job.  Of course he only installed the pump and left us to seal the surround with Sikaflex (a marine adhesive).  It is important that the edges of the opening to the electrical connections are free of water for obvious reasons.  So back to the chandlery to pay for the work and buy the Sikaflex. It is like bath sealant, but stickier. It was a pain to squeeze out of the tube and I had to use a knife to smooth it down, rather like icing a cake!  Richard couldn’t really manage it not least because it involved crouching down to the floor.  It took longer than we hoped to do the job and it needed at least an hour to go off.  So we decided to stay another day and have the quiet time we hoped to have yesterday.

It was very hot today. I heard one person say it was 33C. It certainly went to over 30C in the cabin and seemed hotter on deck with the sun shining.  We went out to the restaurant over the way for an iced coffee, feeling that we owed them custom using their WIFI all the time and their toilet.  Then we discovered that there is a different beach to go to on the other side of pier.  We had a swim there later.

For the rest of the day we just relaxed in the cockpit and then took showers, and guess what - it worked!  We had dinner at the other end of the pier and enjoyed it.  We are off to an anchorage tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather is about to turn cloudy and it could rain, but Richard thinks he has found a hurricane hole for us to put into and where we can swing, no long line ashore.


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