Bar – Tuesday 26 June 2018

Well we are still here sheltering from bad weather.  In the middle of the night the wind got up to 30 knots and made a racket waking us both up.  We were perfectly safe in out berth, but it was still awful.  There was also a bit of rain, but not too much.

We slept as late as we could and the wind abated a bit, but it was grey and cold.  We finally got up our courage to go into town and do a bit of food shopping.  We then sussed out where the Harbour Master’s office was.  For a change Richard got it wrong and I took us straight to it.

In the afternoon the weather cheered up a bit.  The wind wasn’t so strong and there was a hint of sun.  Our dinghy was in the way and worried the pontoon man.  So we took it out of the water only to discover that it was completely green on the bottom growing weed and that in only a month. So we scrubbed it off and deflated it.  We have only used it twice and then not of necessity.  So it may as well be put away.  It just has caused us problems mooring.

After that job was done we decided to walk along the seafront promenade.  This is really an old fashioned (albeit recently built) seaside town.  There is a long beach, but it is rocky.  Really the place is not very interesting, but it is sheltered and we can check out of Montenegro from here.  So we are here again.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is still rotten.  We hope we will be able to leave on Thursday.


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