Brbinj - Sunday 3 June 2018

We woke up earlier than we planned and found ourselves ready to leave just after 9am.  The weather is the same, hazy sun and no wind.  We aren’t even pretending to sail today. The cover is on the mainsail and the genoa is all wrapped up.

Richard has identified this bay as a good place to spend some time, so we are headed to this village on an island.  The journey nearly didn’t get us here.  There are two bays named Brbinj and we headed for the wrong one initially! But that only lost us 15 minutes or so.

The pilot books say there are three mooring possibilities.  One is to pick up a buoy, another to anchor (but there is old buoy junk below, so that sounds dodgy) and the third is to moor stern to on a wall which has pick up lines, water and electricity.  We were on a buoy last night so we wanted to go on the wall.  When we got here it was a bit different than we expected.  It is much smaller than we were led to believe and other than 3 boats on buoys, no one was here.  The worst was that there was no one at the wall to give us a pick up line, no less take our stern lines.  But Richard was not to be deterred.  We went along the wall until I was finally able to grab a pick up line with my boathook.  The involved leaning 45 degrees over the stern, but I did it and I didn’t fall in!  Having attached a bow line we then had to get stern lines on the bollards on the wall.  Richard did really well get both lines on one bollard by lassoing them.  Then while we were sort of attached he was able to leap off and sort the lines out properly. In the end it took us 45 minutes to moor, but we were very proud of ourselves.

We were pleased to find that there is a small swimming area right next to the wall.  By the time we had tied up we really needed a swim. Of course I had to find something to worry about.  It was that we were the only boat moored to the wall and no one else was coming in.  All the pilot books said we were in the right place and the water and electricity seems to be here. But by 3pm another boat had come in.  There was still no one to help with lines so I found them a pick up line to take and lifted it so they could hook it.  A few minutes later another boat came in and our new neighbours helped them with lines.  Finally at about 6pm a man turned up to take money.  Well, that was bound to happen.  I did mention to him that we had a hard time mooring all on our own and he said he had been asleep after a heavy night! After he arrived three more boats came in on the wall.  So now we don’t feel so alone. 

So we have had a quiet day. We have been in to swim a couple of times.  We decided to shower and found that the shower tray pump was not working again.  This time Richard took the switch panel off and found a loose wire which he put right.  Funny how this fault is next to the switch for the freshwater pump which the Italians made a mess of!  Anyway we are now in business.

We have not walked around the island or gone to the other town.  It was too hot.  We did go to the local restaurant for dinner and had nice grilled fish. We are not too sure what to do tomorrow.  We were going to stay here but heavy rain is predicted for Tuesday morning in one of our weather forecasts.  I know the weather has been kind so far, but really it is not supposed to rain in the Med in the summer!


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