Ilovik – Friday 1 June 2018

We got up early even though we did not need to do so.  It was quite cool with a bit of a breeze up to 10 knots, so we did not have a morning swim.  We left Maricol just before 9am and put up the sails before we set off.  The upshot of this was we sailed all the way here.  Mainly it was a following wind of about 8-11 knots.  Richard wanted to put up the whisker poll, but I dissuaded him.  It worries me for him to spend a lot of time going forward and particularly if it has to be put down in windy conditions. Anyway, we had all the time in the world to get to the next port, so what was the need for an extra ½ knot of speed.

The wind became more and more fluky.  It would blow 10-11 knots and then suddenly fall to 5 knots.   I likened it to the old drawing of the north wind. When it puffs out the wind goes up and then falls when he takes a breath in for the next blow.  The wind steadily built up as the morning went on. By the time we got to Ilovik we were seeing gusts up to 20 knots.  Nothing like this was forecast.  I became worried about our chosen port as the plan was to pick up a buoy for the night, but if the wind was going to get up was that going to be uncomfortable, or safe for that matter.  Richard thought the port would be sufficiently protected, so we actually sailed in to have a look.  Then we took down the main.  This time into the wind and it came down quite well.  The last 6 foot didn’t come down, but again one could go in to port with it in that state.  

In the port I was pleased to see that the buoys were much larger than the ones we used last night and they seem to have pick up lines.  However, Richard said there was also a town wall with lazy lines, water and electricity and when we looked we decided that was where we wanted to be.  So here we are in a very pretty bay with a sweet little village with all the basic amenities including fairly good free WIFI which seems to come from a local restaurant.

Only one more problem.  We decided we would finally try to shower on board despite the way the water pump is working.  I could shower OK, but when I came to drain the water we found that the shower tray pump isn’t working!  So we need an electrician again.  For the next couple of days we will have to wash our hair in the sink and have sponge baths if there are no showers available.  I can’t help thinking that the damned Italian workmen messed it up when they put the blasted water pump in. 

We had a very nice dinner of mixed seafood on the sea front.  Now back on boat listening to the Archers!


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