Trogir - Sunday 10 June 2018

We were up fairly early and set out to Trogir, which Richard has chosen as the place he wants to be on his birthday tomorrow.  It is an ancient town on an island which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It also has a couple of nice marinas.  So we set off and there is a bit of a breeze.  We put up the mainsail but initially we are motoring.  But it isn’t long before Richard shuts off the engine and puts up the Genoa.  For a change the wind is behind us.  To start with there is only 8 to 10 knots of wind and we are only doing 3 knots.  I am concerned that it will take us so long to get to Trogir that the marinas will be full. For the last few days we have seen loads of boats and the charter boats are out in force.  I had suggested that we reserve a space in the marina, but they charge extra for that and we hoped it wouldn’t be necessary.  But now if we are going to arrive much later than midday as we had planned I don’t want to mess up the birthday plans.

Well, I needn’t have worried because the wind picked up just as I was about to give up.  First it rose to 11 to 14 knots and then steadily built up until it was gusting 22-27 knots!  As the wind was from behind this did not give us any problem and we were making speeds of up to 7 knots!  Richard said we would have done better if he had poled out the Genoa, but I am worried about doing that as it involves him spending a lot of time forward playing with the whisker pole.

Anyway we made it here before 1pm. We were able to take the sails down without much problem because the wind died just as we got here.  In fact the wind was so flukey that we couldn’t find windward to take the main down and Richard did have to go forward to pull almost all of it down.  There was plenty of room in the marina.  We are on a pontoon right in front of all the services.  The pontoon is clearly one dedicated to a charter company but we are told that as long as we leave before Friday there is no problem.

We ate lunch at the marina restaurant because we couldn’t face another ham sandwich!  As it is Sunday the shop in the marina closed before we got here.  But I have found a lady who does laundry around the corner and I will take in all our linens and some underwear tomorrow, which may mean I don’t have to worry about laundry until we get to Corfu where there is another lady who does laundry in the marina.

After proper showers and when it got a little cooler we walked into the town to suss the place out a bit. It is very cute with tiny narrow streets and some large battlements and substantial public buildings.  We shall go around it properly tomorrow after we find the fish market to see if I can buy Richard a lobster for his birthday dinner.

Dinner on the boat.  The only problem is that the marina WIFI which is usually so good is acting up and we can’t download the Archers! Quel horreur!


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