Gouvia (Corfu, Greece) – Thursday 5 July 2018

We were ready for the agent just before 8, but she didn’t come until 8:15.  By then we had finished our breakfast and were ready to leave. The only problem was that we were well boxed in by other boats.  There was one sailing boat only about 2-3 yards away from our stern and a huge motor boat on our starboard side which meant we couldn’t turn around to get out and going backwards was going to be very tricky.  We presumed that everyone else was told they must go at 8:30, so it would clear, but that wasn’t the case.   The boat behind said he was leaving to go to anchor at 9:30-10:00!  In the end the agent said it was OK for us to stay until 9-9:30 when the boat behind us left. 

The boat behind did leave a 9am and we went off in good time.  As we did not have far to go we decided we would try to sail even though there was only a force 3 blowing.  In the end we were able to sail about 2/3rds of the way when the wind turned on the nose.

Having had such light winds all the way here it was a bit of a shock to find the wind going up to 16-20 knots just as we had to berth at the marina.  We had a useless marinero helping us and wound up at a strange angle.  When we tried to put that right we found ourselves straddling two berths.  With the wind still blowing us across the berth we left it.  We will try to sort it out tomorrow when the wind goes down.

The port police were closed so we will have to check in to Greece tomorrow.  We have checked in to the marina and signed our yearly contract.  We also got the marina to find an electrician to come and look at our water pump.  They did come and said the pump is too strong for the fuses and had blown a fuse.  It was the wrong fuse and needed to be at least 7 amp to protect a water pressure pump rated at 6 amps but with an upper range of 15 amps.  They could put some sort of fuse in tomorrow, but they couldn’t say what time they would come.

By the time that was done we were dying from the heat.  It was 32C in the saloon.  So we ran for the swimming pool where we finally cooled off with a swim and an iced coffee.  Then luxury of luxuries we had nice long showers and dressed to go out to dinner.  I have food in the fridge going off, but it is too hot and too complicated to cook and clean up without running water.

Back after dinner I just collapsed and went to sleep with the fan going full pelt.


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