Petriti, Corfu – Saturday 1 September 2018

We were up fairly early, but there seemed to be quite a lot for us to do before we could get underway.  We decided to fill the tank with what they call non-potable water.  It isn’t dangerous, but it is desalinated and tastes rather chemically.  We drink bottled water anyway and the only culinary use we make of water is to boil veg and rice etc and make coffee.  Then it is boiled, so that should help.

No more breakdowns today.  By the time we filled up with water, checked that the engine, bow thruster and windlass worked and did normal chores it was midday when we slipped our mooring.  Then we had to go to the fuel pontoon and they took away our year old petrol for the outboard and we bought new, which should work better.

So my 12:30 we were actually off on our cruise.  We headed for Petriti about 10 miles south of Corfu town.  It is a busy little anchorage.  We got here later than we hoped.  The boat is slowed down with bad growth on the hull. The water line and rudders are particularly bad and the log isn’t working, no doubt because of growth around it.  Also we were predicted a nice force 4 from behind, but it turned out to be no wind or a force 2 on the nose, so we had to motor all the way.

We finally got here at 4pm and immediately got into the water.  It helped cool us off a bit, but as our instruments show it is 29C it is more like a bath!  As I said above it is a busy anchorage and there are a lot of boats here. One put his anchor down right behind us.  We hope the wind doesn’t change because if we all swing it could make us collide!

As dinner time came on the sea got a bit rocky.  I was reading the newspaper on my iPad, and suddenly felt queasy!  So even at anchor I had to take a pill. Just as well it is getting more and more rocky despite their being little wind.

The plan for tomorrow is to go to Paxos.  We shall see how that works out. 


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