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Gouvia Marina, Corfu - Friday 31 August 2018

We have made it. We are in Corfu and perhaps nearly ready to leave.   The journey here was OK, but the plane was delayed on the ground for nearly half an hour because of air traffic control problems due to high volume traffic.  It wouldn’t have been so annoying if we weren’t already scheduled to arrive quite late.  But the pilot made up quite a bit of the time and we were only 15 minutes behind schedule when we landed.  Immigration and baggage reclaim went very well and we were out in record time and in a taxi to the marina. On arrival at the boat we had a few hiccups.  Firstly I had problems opening the hatch.  I put the key in the hole only to have the key part of the lock fall out without opening the hatch.  It was pitch dark and we were lucky to retrieve the bit.  For a moment I thought we wouldn’t get in the boat at all, but I managed to put the innards back and open the lock!  So we did get in.  But then we found we had no electricity!  We turned the switches on and went