Marina Agana – Tuesday 12 June 2018

We only had 6 miles to go from Trogir to here where we are meeting up with members of the Cruising Association for a sort of mini rally.  So we had a very leisurely morning and didn’t set out until 11:45.  As we had such a short distance to go I got lazy and persuaded Richard to let me lie the fenders on the deck and we didn’t take the passerelle off, rather just lifted it up on the main halyard. That did mean we couldn’t use the mainsail.

This did not deter Richard who was determined to sail.  So in just 7 knots of wind he put out the Genoa and turned the engine off. We had plenty of time so speed was not a problem and we were going along at just over 2 knots.  Now my usual rule of thumb is that if the boat speed goes below 2 knots it is time to put the engine on.  Well, the wind dropped a bit and we were going well under 2 knots, but I did not impose my rule especially as it was my idea to keep the passerelle on the halyard which has reduced the amount of sail we have. However, when our speed went to less than half a knot even Richard decided that the engine had to go on. So that was the end of sailing.

As we were not crawling along with sail Richard decided we should anchor for lunch.  He identified a bay just before the marina that was suitable. Also we haven’t tried to use the windlass at all this trip. I did turn it on in Venice and made sure it worked by letting a foot or two of chain out and then back in again.  But that was all.  Also we bought this very expensive remote control and chain counter in Leros before we left last year and it failed to work at the end of last season.  The Italians said it couldn’t be fixed, but when I tried the windlass out Richard was sure it was working.  So he wanted to see if it really is now working.  So we did go to the bay and found the windlass and the chain counter were working perfectly.

We had a nice lunch of the figs and raw ham I bought yesterday only marred by a rain shower just as we were finishing.  Then we went into the marina where a couple of boats had already arrived and the other boats were arriving all the time.  It was very hot.  We could have gone for a swim, as there is a place not far away, but we were too lazy.  So we just sat around the boat and read our papers.  We even got internet.

We had an early evening walk around the village, which didn’t take long as it is tiny.  Then we had dinner with some of the boat owners.  Most of them spend the whole of their time in Croatia, so we should be able to get some good hints.


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