Karpije – Wednesday 6 June 2018

We conked our early last night, from doing nothing?  So it was not surprising that we got up fairly early.  We had breakfast, filled the water tank, paid the bill and went.  The weather is much improved over yesterday with hardly any cloud at all.  There also at first seemed to be a bit of wind, but in the end what little there was, was on the nose.  Later when the wind moved around a bit it never got above 4 knots, so we made no attempt to sail.  We motored along at 5 knots on an almost glassy sea.  We went along the Kornati National Park.  We decided not to stay in the park (other than in the marina on its edge) because frankly we don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  It is two large and dozens of small islands with little vegetation. It doesn’t seem worth the cost of the permit to stay in it.

We got to Karpije at about 2pm. It is a pleasant little village with a harbour with buoys and a wall to moor to.  We have decided not to go on the wall, but to pick up a mooring buoy instead.  That way we can swim and we have been tied up to a wall for several days now.  The mooring buoys are quite large and have big tall hoops on them.  That makes it easy for me to pick it up with the yellow peril, which I did at first attempt.  By the way I probably should explain to you non-sailors what the yellow peril is.  It is a form of hook on a shaft that threads a mooring line though a ring, large cleat or mooring buoy.  I call it the yellow peril because the handle and top bit are yellow.  It is a very useful little toy.  We got attached with no problem and watched others going through all sorts of shenanigans trying to tie on using just a boat hook. 

The man who takes the money turns up as soon as someone has tied on to the buoy.  No chance he will assist and take a line!

So we have a quiet afternoon in the cockpit.  We are having trouble with internet.  This morning Richard managed to download the Times on the old iPad using the marina WIFI, but we couldn’t get his iPhone or my iPad to recognize the WIFI.  When we got here we were told there was WIFI, but again our devices couldn’t get in to it.  So we will be a bit out of touch for a couple of days.

I am out of fresh meat on the boat.  We ate most of the cold cuts for lunch and had pasta Aglio e Olio (Olive Oil and Garlic) for supper. I will really have to get to a shop tomorrow or we will be living on pasta and/ or eggs for the next few days.


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