Bar – Wednesday 27 June 2018

The wind howled all night. In the morning it was still blowing strong and the sky was very grey with some rain.  It seemed to me to be a day to sit in away from the weather.

But we decided we must get out. So after a leisurely breakfast and read of the paper we decided to start to check out of Montenegro.  We paid for our three days berthing and then got our boat papers back.  We found the Harbour Master’s office which was open and we got out papers endorsed to show we are leaving for Albania tomorrow.   We have to clear immigration and customs tomorrow.

We then went up the road and to the supermarket to top up our stores with another day’s food.  We also stopped for a bit of lunch in a café, which was pretty ordinary.

The weather was still grey and drizzly, but we decided to go to Stari Bar.  That is the ruins of the ancient city that started this place. We were told there was a bus that goes hourly, but to save time we took a taxi.  The site is another climb up a hill (though not nearly so strenuous as Kotor) and a scramble around ruins.  The drizzle continued the whole way, but it was interesting. Also it got in more than our 10,000 steps!

The rain had finally stopped by about 6pm.  However, after all our walking we decided to just stay on the boat.  I tried a new pasta recipe.  It wasn’t interesting enough for my taste.  I may try it again and pep it up a bit.  It called for only 4 anchovy fillets and I think it needs a lot more.

We are trying to get up very early tomorrow.  Once we clear customs and immigration we can set out for Albania.  We shall see what the conditions are like and how far we can get.


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