Marina Agana – Wednesday 13 June 2018

In the middle of the night we had another huge thunderstorm.  It rained exceptionally hard.  Also the electricity went off in our boat during the storm.  At first we thought that it was just our connection but when we got up we discovered that there was a power cut for the entire village.  The marina office and facilities were running on a generator so we had internet and lights in the loos, but that was all.

Given the situation without electricity we had a lazy day to start with.  The last of the boats for the CA dinner came in.  A number were doing laundry so I was really pleased to have had mine done already.  We did go to see if we could get some shopping despite the lack of electricity. The butcher shop was not open.   We were able to buy bread at the bakery.  The first supermarket was open but it was dark without lights and the fridges were off.  I did manage to buy a few things, but was then directed to another supermarket which also must have had a generator because they were air conditioned, lit and the fridges were working.  I bought a few more things but Richard dissuaded me from buying more meat.  It was just as well as when I got back to the boat I couldn’t get any more in the fridge.

Without electricity we didn’t do much all afternoon.  By late afternoon even the marina generator had given up and the restaurant that was doing our dinner was beginning to worry about producing a meal.

But that didn’t stop the CA crowd from having a good time.  Despite a dodgy weather forecast and lack of electricity we had a nice pontoon party meeting lots of people including a couple who had wintered their boat in Certosa Island, but who we never met there!

Just as we were going to dinner and everyone was bringing torches and lights to make up for the lack of electricity the power came back on again!  So that was a relief.  Dinner was very good and huge.  I was given half a large fish which was more than I could eat especially after a huge starter.  We sat with some new people and had some very interesting conversations and hints about places to go.  As Andrew, the Med chairman, says we all have so much in common it is really good to meet and make new friends.  Perhaps not surprisingly there are many retired lawyers and accountants amongst the crowd and many are more or less our age.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is dodgy with rain predicted at some time.  We think we should be able to get into port early enough to miss it and we are told we are going to a very nice spot.  We shall see how it looks in the morning.  We want to get away because we haven’t long to meet with Jonnie and Marion.


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