Levkas Marina – Monday 17 September 2018

We have had a lazy day really.  We were up fairly late.  It was due to get very hot so we went into town after breakfast and did a bit of re-provisioning.  Back at the boat I was nearly dying of the heat.  The marina has a swimming pool that no one ever seems to be in.  We discovered why.  The pool is part of the hotel here, not the marina and they charge 5 euros per person to use it if you are not an hotel guest.  But it was so hot and we aren’t paying for our berthing, so we paid the stupid charge and spent most of the afternoon at the pool.

We did leave to have lunch here and to sort our end of season plans out.  We have now made reservations for the luxury resort for 3 nights over my birthday.  We have re-booked flights to come home on 4 October.  It has cost us a bomb, but I am much happier with the new plans. So we have about a week to make it up to Corfu and then 5 days or so to sort the boat out.  That should be enough.

This evening we went into town for dinner and had a bit of a walk around.  It is still very hot and close.  I hope we can sleep.


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