Preveza – Wednesday 19 September 2018

After a poor night's sleep we tried to lie in a bit, but were anxious to get on.  So we left the anchorage at 10:30 to make our way to Preveza.  Richard was determined to sail no matter what and we did have all the time in the world.  So he put the main up at anchor and put out the Genoa when we got out of the bay.  After a night of 15 knot winds it was a bit disappointing to find that the wind was only blowing 7-9 knots, but at least it wasn’t on the nose. It was a bit of a beat for the first half hour, but then we turned away from the wind and it was on the beam. Being so light we were only making 2-3 knots, but at least we were sailing and we only had 9 miles to do.

One hysterical episode.  I had a complete brainstorm when Richard asked me to sheet out the mainsail.  For no good reason I let go the main halyard by mistake!  The main fell about 2 feet before I realised what I had done.  I managed to get about 1 foot back up but we had to go into the wind to get it all back up.  Oops!

We sailed all but the last half hour when the wind started to fail altogether.  We were going to go on the town wall, but at the last moment we decided to go into the marina instead.  Well that was a surprise.  We know our pilot book is old, but we didn’t realise they were rebuilding the whole place.  It is a building site, but we guess it will be nice eventually. In the meantime we have been somewhat unimpressed.  The berths are organised so that your passerelle hits the column for the electricity and water.  Also they closed the toilets and showers between 4 and 6 pm without notice; at 2pm we were passing there and there was no notice. That is only the most popular time of day!

We did get to the town and after some effort we found a supermarket.  Richard has made an itinerary to go back to Corfu which gives us 5 days possibly without moorings with electricity or water.  So I decided we had better have some extra provisions in case.  To save on the same we had dinner in town.  Again we ordered too much!

Richard wants to start early tomorrow.  We shall see if we can get everything done in time. 


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