Two Rock Bay –Thursday 20 September 2018

When the alarm went at 7am I baulked at getting up.  Richard wanted to start early because the weather forecast was for halfway decent winds early tapering off in the late morning.  But we did stay in bed a bit later and left at 9am instead of 8.  

The weather forecast was absolutely right.  We had a nice wind of just force 4 mainly on a reach doing nearly 5 knots. But the wind petered away and after about an two hours  we had to turn the engine on.  So we motored into Two Rock Bay just at lunch time.  There were three other boats here.  Richard put us as near to the coast as he could and even took the keel up a bit to accommodate shallow water.  We anchored using our walkie-talkies and the anchor gave a really good tug.  Later R looked at the anchor and said it was well dug in.

This is a pleasant spot with nothing here except a small beach and beach café and a few boats. The water is absolutely clear. In fact we felt guilty doing our washing up.  I hope the waste water dissipates by the morning.

So a lazy day at a nice anchorage, swimming reading and we have just finished dinner.


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