Lefkas – Thursday 6 September 2018

As planned, still here.  The repairs are only partly done.  The diver has been and cleaned off the prop, bow thruster and around the log, so we should go better.  He says the hull is very badly fouled.  That will have to wait for winter.  They came to take the outboard away rather late this afternoon and say they can’t look at it until tomorrow.  We don’t know what to do tomorrow.  The marina have said they can’t guarantee us the berth because it is charter swap over day.  We could just go somewhere locally and then return for the motor.  On the other hand I think Richard could do with another day doing very little and nursing his cold.  It really is dreadful. We will decide tomorrow and then play the sick husband card if they want us to move.

The weather was bright, but cool in a stiff breeze.  We just stayed around the boat looking for workmen and resting.  We did have one more scare.  At lunch time I found the fridge was not as cold as it should have been and seemed to be shutting down.  I finally worked out that the boat’s domestic batteries were low.  As we have the solar panels we don’t usually put the battery charger on.  When we did the fridge started up again.  I don’t know why the solar panels didn’t cope, but we did have everything on.  I hope it was a fluke, but as with Scarlet O’Hara, I’ll worry about that another day. 

Had a rather poor dinner in town just to get out a bit.  Now is time to make Richard another hot toddy and see if that helps him sleep. No doubt I will get the lurgy next!


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