Lakka, Paxos – Monday 3 September 2018

Yes we have stayed here for a second day.  The weather is so nice and the place so picturesque.  We are in no hurry.  The boat behind us wanted to leave this morning and were afraid that our boat was laying on top of their anchor.  But they too decided to stay a bit longer and anyway we have swung the other way so they should be fine.

So we have a leisurely morning with breakfast in the cockpit and a swim.  We then decide we should go into the village to buy a few things and find some free WIFI.  Richard has tried to make the outboard work with no success. So we take it off and Richard rows in.  We got everything done and came back to the boat at 12:30 to find the boat behind us gone. 

Really we just lazed about all day, reading our downloaded papers, books and doing puzzle books. All this interspersed with swimming.  As the afternoon progressed the wind picked up a bit from what had been nothing to 8-10 knots. So we are bobbing about a bit, but I seem to have finally got my sea legs and it is not bothering me.

We ate on the boat. I have forgotten to bring my notebook with all my boat recipes.  So I had to make my Caribbean chicken curry from memory.  It was fine.

We will make our way to another anchorage tomorrow before getting to Lefkas.  We hope to get a few free nights there in the marina (part of our marina contract) and get some of the fouling off the hull, either by having a lift out or getting a diver down.  We don’t understand why our coppercoat antifoul isn’t working.


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